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Justin Magnaye Vibin’ Deep


Justin Magnaye’s return this month brings a colourful collection of rightful good vibes, by means of a string of creative soundscapes and consistently stylish, impressive performances.

S.O.S is the opener and is all of this. A somewhat retro aura pours through musically, quickly likable for its sense of space and this inherent, vintage RnB approach. In among this is Magnaye’s expressive and emotional leading voice, skillfully meandering throughout the various long-form melodies that present the story-line. While there’s turmoil and uncertainty at question, the song still leads with a sense of optimism and brightness. It balances realness with enjoyable musicianship, feeling both nostalgic and excitingly new in terms of the songwriting and production style combined.

L.A Girls after the opener keeps the instrumental set-up fairly similar but leads with a smooth mood and a calmer vocal delivery. There’s an immediately memorable sentiment to the central concept and title, and Magnaye’s near-rap verses help create dynamic and add increasing levels of passion as the details of the narrative emerge.

This kind of creative freedom and confidence intertwined continues throughout the project. There are undoubtedly a fair few distinct threads that make up the Vibin’ Deep sound, though each piece makes sure to offer something new for eclecticism and to hold on to your interest. Beach-side vibes are met with thoughtful songwriting and seductive vocal performances. Justin Magnaye aims high and hits the mark well.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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