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Justin Angelo Morey I Want Your Love


Raw indie rock brings through explosive solos, vintage vocals, and catchy power riffs that quickly create a nostalgic and passionate alternative to the clean-cut mainstream. Justin Angelo Morey drives with a clear connection to the art-form throughout this bold two-track EP.

Feeling like a slept on hit from the Iggy Pop era, I Want Your Love also injects a hint of The Strokes, then proceeds to follow the pathway of uninhibited rock legend – whilst also making sure to keep the songwriting and composition as engaging and satisfying as possible.

A front-man born to perform, the vocals and guitar-work keep a certain creative vibrancy alive and well at the forefront of both of these tracks. Throw in a fairly retro production style, and the whole thing takes you way back to the simpler days of live music and care-free good vibes.

Waving Hello follows and immediately sheds light on Morey’s versatility as an artist. An intense rise up from psychedelic beginnings leads us through a decidedly thoughtful, poetic and gentle, sixties-esque folk-rock classic; which consistently increases its embrace. Already the voice is familiar, a commendable trait, and here we get a more intriguing, compelling story-line, complete with details and scene-setting to really draw you in.

Brilliant, a classic project, if a little short – timeless and seeming authentically like a slept-on hit from a few decades back. Hopefully the sound is making its way home, into our lives for good.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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