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Jupiter Gray Flowasis


Jupiter Gray pours her depth and her struggle into this EP with unwavering realness. I Am A Woman is about the most clear-cut introduction to her work that you could get, a simple spoken word piece that introduces her character and what drives her as an artist in an unedited and pure way.

After this, W.T.F brings the rhythm and the funk, a classically infectious RnB tune with a dash of stylish hip hop during the verses. The subject matter holds tight to that personal truth, but mixed in with this is an all important level of swagger and familiarity from a musical perspective. It’s a well produced and rightfully confident bit of writing and performance, and it works to reach out to any and all music fans.

Queen Pinnin leans in a much heavier direction – a thick hip hop beat comes through, a dark and atmospheric soundscape, later accompanied and driven along by an equally rhythmic and dramatic rap delivery; with a simple and effective, hard-hitting hook section. This track is an early highlight, it speaks less in details but in volumes – you feel that confidence and that drive, rather than being simply told about it. The beat is superb and Jupiter Gray meets the requirements of that level of energy perfectly with her lyricism and her performance.

High Note (Feat. Kidd Misfit) follows on with further grit and weight. An intense track with a great backdrop and a series of bars that pour through with equally impressive flows. It’s refreshing to hear this kind of creative and passionate hip hop these days – a rare thing it seems, but hopefully on the up-rise once again.

Trouble In Paradise (Feat. Terrance Damien) redirects the mood a little, a gentle and slightly vulnerable piece of writing and music – the story-line is presented in a poetic way, feeling again like spoken word rather than rap. It makes for a welcomed moment of change. The song utilizes melody to create an ambiance that fits the underlying sentiment in a soft but certain way. There’s a definite lightness to this track, particularly after what came before. The story seems to connect to something much more specifically personal, directed at a significant other and therefore a little more relevantly whisper-like.

Things come to a close with the atmospheric and thoughtful Runaway. This song deals with the difficulties of the individual – those that exist beneath the social radar, unbeknownst to even the closest friends. The track has a soulful feel to it, a thick and mellow beat accompanies some delicate vocal outpourings and another deeply personal, emotional string of lyricism.

There’s an unusual level of eclecticism on this project – the harder hitting rap tracks contrast cleverly with the more tentative, delicate ones – something you don’t often come across, particularly within such a short project. Flowasis has some big moments and is respectively creative from start to finish. On top of this, the perspective is one that’s in need of much more attention and respect – any and all members of the hip hop community in general are likely to find something worth hearing. Well worth exploring.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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