Julius Bergado & Cheryl Bergado - Gone - Stereo Stickman

Julius Bergado & Cheryl Bergado Gone


Organic guitar finger-picking with a mildly effected, almost medieval-style tone leads us into this acoustic and passionate delivery from Melbourne couple Julius and Cheryl Bergado.

Progressing from simple beginnings, Gone builds up gradually to welcome in a warming drum-line and a few additional layers of detail for further brightness and power. All the while, the leading vocal drives with consistently expressive, emotional honesty – clearly connected to the lyrics at hand, these partly poetic, partly personal references and scenes.

As the song slowly but surely finds its groove, we’re thrown into something of a classic rock realm – complete with electric guitar solo flickers, vocal harmonies, and an anthem-like rock ballad hook that proves fairly memorable as it returns for the third and final time.

The set-up is fairly familiar for the most part, but the meandering nature of the leading vocal makes for a decidedly unusual sound and style overall. The verses draw attention for the rasp and volume of the voice, rather than their melodic route. This is resolved, however, as the song brings in its hook – and with each new listen, you become quite easily accustomed to this style of writing and performing; it’s a calling card of the duo, a recognizable trait.

Undoubtedly a passionate, emotionally vulnerable and conceptually heartbreaking release, with a crisp, clean production style and an organic arrangement overall; which allows listeners a worthy glimpse of the live side of things.

Download the single via Apple. Check out JC Bergado on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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