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Juliana Strangelove Moscow Heterosexual Blues


Juliana Strangelove’s Moscow Heterosexual Blues is a raw and authentic offering of blues rock. The instrumentation takes a touch of distorted energy and fuses it with the creative prowess of some captivating guitar riffs and equally compelling songwriting. The song in itself provides those much needed, organic musical vibes that are so often missing from mainstream playlists. But much more than this, the single powerfully showcases the artist’s unique leading voice, and with that comes something fresh and exciting for blues rock fans to embrace.

Juliana Strangelove sings in contralto, the lowest pitched female vocal style possible. The sound fits perfectly among this particular musical setting, bringing a further touch of authenticity to the genre and really driving the key ideas presented by the lyrics with undeniable character and relevance. It’s refreshing to listen to, and her story telling is the sort that rides alongside of this music brilliantly. The chord and melody changes have the realness and nostalgia of classic blues rock from way back when, and Juliana’s leading performance is soaked in the soul and passion required to make everything stand tall and hit with impact.

It’s a sound that grabs your attention – a live performance is likely to back that sentiment up with even more intensity. The intricate details of her voice work smoothly together to make for a confident, believable, and ultimately very memorable experience. It’s a pleasure to hear the roots of organic blues rock being utilised in such a genuine and unapologetic manner. The instrumentation and indeed the recording style bring about a vintage sort of atmosphere, though the songwriting presents something new and quite personal, essentially presenting, all in all, a sound that reaches out to a range of audiences in both a rhythmic and deeply human way.

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