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Julian Javan & Lachi Namaste


The collaborative release Namaste is a totally refreshing and unique take on melodic, soulful EDM. Presenting the best of Julian Javan’s musical creativity and professionalism, and fusing it colorfully and passionately with the driving force and equal vibrancy of Lachi’s vocals, the song emerges as something of an East-meets-West ambiance that manages to captivate and energize within a very short time-frame.

In theory, this is a perfectly well produced and well structured piece of modern music – the finish is crisp, the vibe is inviting and enjoyable, and the vocal performance has that emotional realness to really draw you in. What’s great about it though, is that in reality, it’s a lot more than all of this. The second time you listen you pick up on the unusual atmospheric aura, the initial fusion of the dreamlike synths and the high energy opposing forces, then when the voice hits – the words and the power of the expression really start to stand tall. By the time you get to the repetitive, pre-drop build-up, you’re completely entranced by the music, by Lachi’s mighty yet smooth voice, and by the generally hypnotic patterns that unfold around you.

This is a totally immersive piece of music and performance, offering a touch of numerous influences but none that take the lead enough to be labelled. This results in something quite pure, distinctly electronic but strangely organic and honest feeling. Production-wise, the professionalism is unquestionable – every moment offers some detail or other that really strengthens the journey. The literal reference to being lifted up and up is something that’s reinforced by the rising intensity of the music. The track seeks to lift you up, and when you listen loud – it does exactly that, as well as allowing and even encouraging you to think a little more profoundly or considerately at the very same time.

Namaste is a powerful collaboration and a totally unique EDM track that’s easily recognisable once you’ve stumbled upon it. The perfect piece to play at full volume as the summer nights make their way towards you.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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