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Julia McDonald Gravity


Julia McDonald’s song Gravity is a beautiful introduction to the singer and songwriter’s music. The simplicity of the music allows the artist’s voice to really reach out and connect with listeners. The depth of the song, the love and passion behind the lyrics, all speaks volumes due to the raw and minimalist nature of the presentation. As the song progresses the music builds up into more of a pop ballad, the energy rises a little, but the artist’s voice transcends all surroundings as it moves flawlessly from the gentle and intimate to the powerful and mighty.

The structure of the songs is fascinating and notably effective in keeping your attention throughout. These changes from the mellow to the upbeat, these break downs, these build ups – the song is so well written, and furthermore, every vocal moment and every instrumental performance ties in with wherever the story may be at any given time. The song showcases the strength of the artist’s voice and creativity in a number of different ways, and under a number of different lights. Her voice is up there with the best of them and what’s more is that it comes with a unique sound, a characterful tone, not affecting the professional delivery in the slightest, but bringing about something brand new and compelling to listen to.

Gravity is a great pop song. The structure is outstanding, as mentioned, and the hook is one that has an immense impact due to its placement within the surrounding sections. The melody of the hook is easily memorable, and the sound of the artist’s voice is likely to bring audiences back again and again. Hopefully there’s a longer project on the way.

Download the EP and title track Gravity via iTunesFind and follow Julia McDonald on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more information.

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