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JULAI and the Serotones JULAI and the Serotones


Leading with the live warmth and weight of distorted, organic rock, JULAI and the Serotones quickly embrace listeners, as their self-titled debut album pours into view.

The opening song has a humility and raw honesty about the recording approach, creating a live-style experience from the outset, and following this with uniquely expressive vocals, a fresh melodic development, and lyrics that intrigue and engage.

Later bringing through a fuller soundscape in the form of multiple horn sections and a brighter, bigger-band finish overall, the sound tips its hat to the likes of The Cat Empire, whilst maintaining a sort of alternative indie rock edge akin to Skunk Anansie or Incubus; these long-form melodies, the mild theatrics, the emotion and poetry and personal references. It’s an increasingly likable, authentic and open style, and kicks off the album really well.

As things continue, the band’s leading vocalist showcases a soulful, meandering ability across genres and moments. Green Light immediately highlights this skill, feeling genuinely new in melody and concept, and raising the bar on the performance front brilliantly. Always that live appeal remains, the urge to seek out a show from JULAI and the Serotones growing stronger with each new track.

Now unmistakable in sound and style, the band continue to offer originality and escapism in strong supply.

Sweet Leap is addictively alluring, gritty and passionate yet also calm and seductive when necessary – utilising contrast well. Then there’s the delicacy and intimacy of Hurricane Season, beautifully crafted and performed, a definite highlight, and a personal favourite for its emotion and softness, its poetic depth, and the again steady rise up into fullness and energy.

The final four songs include a hypnotic and mellow Time, sultry yet contemplative and aptly placed for impact, the rock and roll swagger, bounce and vocal dynamic of Kiddery (another highlight, humble yet effective), and the enchanting folk-softness and romanticism of Daydreaming.

Then to close, When I’m Lost recaptures the energy and power of heavy bass, guitar and drums, to tumble into view with one last blast of personal honesty and musical brilliance to bring things to a mighty finish. Increasingly haunting yet uplifting all at once, this track is as unpredictable as the rest, and softens out for a gentle hook that again feels nostalgic and creatively free; lasting calling cards of JULAI and the Serotones.

From lyrical prowess and intrigue through bold and beautiful vocal journeys to absolute unity and strength as a band, with a multitude of guitar solos and instrumental breaks and drops along the way, to really kick up the pulse, this album proves one of the most enjoyable and memorable of the year so far.

With stunning production allowing each element to really work its magic, the project naturally invites you back for repeat streams; a rare and commendable trait. And each time you revisit, some new idea or phrase or musical outburst connects that hadn’t before – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s hoping the tour extends to global stages in the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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