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Juan Sánchez Heading to Dreamland


Juan Sánchez’s latest composition is a truly emotive and fairly show-stopping piece of music. The release calms the room in an instant – quieting down the noise of the world and rightfully soothing the mind as it softly breathes this journey to dreamland into the space around you.

As was the case with RebirthSánchez showcases a distinct use of melody in his music. The release begins with a minimalist presentation, the chord progression and the accompanying melody – mellow and gentle; spacious, simple. Even in these early moments the music grabs you from across the room. That melody offers a flicker of hope and energy at the start, before then descending and taking the energy down with it – a brilliantly artistic embodiment of the concept.

Whether dreamland is some fantastical, detailed place the artist is considering, or the more accessible state of consciousnesses we experience during sleep, this recording slowly but surely envelops you in a fully immersive and peaceful way – meaning that your imagination can either calm completely, ready to dream, or wander freely among new visions and ideas.

As the piece goes on, the hypnotic nature of that melody seals the deal even further – intensifying slightly, but never so much so that it takes away from the soothing energy of the experience. There are varied moments, verses perhaps, a little more detailed and occasionally faster paced, but this just makes the falling take place a little more swiftly.

What’s wonderful about Heading To Dreamland is that the music continues to play in your head even after the track has ended – that immediate familiarity is a rare and beautiful thing. Juan Sánchez’s music will likely always have the power and appeal to make you want to stop everything and just witness it. Stunning as always, and the perfect way to ease a racing mind.

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