JT Music - "Deviations" : DETROIT BECOME HUMAN RAP - Stereo Stickman



JT Music are a creative group who make music for video games, among other endeavors. This latest venture is a totally captivating, brilliantly intense piece of music and lyricism that effectively holds tight to your attention from start to finish. You hang on each word, each line, and as the passion and intensity rise, as the concept is painted more and more clearly in your mind, your heart starts to pound with the increasing pace and energy of the experience.

From a musical or compositional perspective, the track and the accompanying video make for a hypnotic and superbly impressive journey. Of course, the song and the video are inherently connected to the game of the same name, but even as a non-player – I found it to be incredibly interesting, provocative, and wonderful at every step. The whole sci-fi angle is intriguing and has been amazingly well presented here. The lyricism is on point and consistently seeks to blow your mind with its deep thinking and outside-the-box ideas.

For fans of hip hop in itself this is a must, it reminds me of the Linkin Park and Jay Z collaboration days – the switch from the ever-rising intensity of the verses to the melodic-breakdown of the hook brings a certain electronic-rock vibe to the stage. It gives you time to gather your thoughts – it’s a moment of calm in among the chaos.

The track works so well as its own release, in my opinion. JT Music are essentially bridging the gap between the music and gaming worlds, and perhaps more importantly – doing so with skill and relevance. This track sounds great, the lyrics and the delivery are compelling to witness, and there’s so much unexpected emotion involved too. Well worth exploring. And so begins the night-long journey into JT Music’s YouTube channel to date.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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