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JRS3 drives with the shock factor from the offset on this track. The title matches the contents well – the artist’s lyrics deal exclusively with instances in which it’s absolutely necessary to run, and to run fast. At the same time, the music creates something of an unsettling aura, particularly the hook section, though this doesn’t override the song’s inherent sense of character and its unique fusion of rock and rap.

Musically this is a totally unusual song, one that hits hard and offers originality and grit in memorable doses. The hook is where things really start to get inside your head, the combination of riffs and effects, samples, sounds, along with the simple and distorted repetition of that key line is a definite strong point. This section takes the song right through to its finish and feels like it makes up the bulk of the experience, even above the verses. There’s a clever breakdown into quietness during the latter half of the track, after which the return of the hook hits with total impact. It’s surprisingly easy to embrace the rhythm and swagger of these final moments as they loop out around you and fill the room.

JRS3 has done well to create something refreshing with this. Instrumentally it works a treat, taking the hip hop sound somewhere new and creative, though with a dash of retro synths and other elements – that electric guitar in the backdrop – the past and the present meet, along with several genres. All in all, JRS3 has written an easily memorable and quite addictive hit.

Contrast-wise the switch from the verses to the hook is a huge part of what makes the whole thing work so well. It’s an energizing song but it toys with those energy levels in a captivating way. The release in full undoubtedly gets you interested in the artist and his creative reach. I’d be keen to hear where else his music takes him.

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Rebecca Cullen

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