Jrichol - WHAT I LIKE - Stereo Stickman



Leading with bold synths and a classic trap-style beat, Jrichol offers a mildly auto-tuned vocal lead, which meanders through intimate bars and stylishly blends melody and rap in a seemingly carefree, uninhibited fashion.

Crafted to keep things laid-back in the relationship department, WHAT I LIKE progresses in a chilled way for the most part, before injecting a brighter key change for a notably more passionate, memorable hook.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Jrichol has been making original tracks for ten years now, and the crisp professionalism speaks well on behalf of this. Throw in a clear and consistent love for the process, the entire concept of the track and the energy in the vocal delivery, and the result is something authentic and contemporary in equal parts.

An easy anthem for the season and a fresh take on alternative hip hop and sound design – not to mention a voice and style that should be fairly easy to pinpoint within the scene.

Download WHAT I LIKE via iTunes. Check out Jrichol on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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