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Josh Elliott Inside Lookin Inside (Out Now)


Some genuinely smooth and seductive guitar work kicks off this latest single from artist Josh Elliott, introducing a softly dreamlike ambiance – partly organic, partly layered with electronic warmth. Following this, the artist’s equally gentle voice offers up some immediately poetic and thoughtful lyrics – which, among this sort of soundscape, quickly sees the experience turn into something deeply provocative and calming to have fill the room.

The further you get into this release, the more it seems to appear as a gentle fusion of funk and trip-hop – with dashes of authentic soul just to keep things feeling ultimately very human and real. Josh Elliott has a sound of his own right now, but more than that – his songwriting is incredibly refreshing, the sort that deals with strangely familiar concepts but approaches them in a completely new way. You feel as if you’re getting to know the real artist behind the music, as well as being embraced by this understanding arena of escapism as you ponder your own thoughts.

There’s a hypnotically addictive energy to Inside Lookin Inside, the hook in particular offers a quietly memorable ear-worm that suits the groove of the track and the general way in which it makes you feel. Josh Elliott’s creative angle is one of a sort of humble artistry, there’s a story to be told, a feeling to be dealt with, and he lets the music do all of that on his behalf. As a result, you get something undeniably truthful and original to witness – the kind of songwriting and performance that had to come to light, whether you were to experience it or not.

Josh Elliott’s entire catalogue to date is equally impressive – eclectic enough to hold your interest yet not so distant as to risk losing¬†those inherent threads of honesty that make it his. 2018 was a big year for writing and this one looks set to take even greater strides.

Josh is currently gearing up to perform a brand new live show throughout Summer 2019 – he’ll be playing across Wisconsin’s most popular tourist city. The solo set will offer up live vocals, guitar, keyboards, electronic percussion, and live-looping mixed with electronic elements sequenced in Ableton – as well as, of course, Elliott’s unwavering openness and heartfelt songwriting. Well worth a look.

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