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Joseph Nimoh Holy Holy Holy


Holy Holy Holy is a song taken from the album Quiet Time in His Presence, by Joseph Nimoh – a collection which, if this initial release is anything to go by, represents this title and concept beautifully.

The minimalist nature of the music is in the use of a solo instrument, but the overall output is far from simplistic. The artist’s playing is majestic, ever passionate and soaked in genuine emotion. The entire energy of the piece and the atmosphere it creates around you is far greater than the single instrument supplying it. With every melodic moment, the playing progresses gracefully from the gentle to the intense, from the quiet to the loud, and back once again when the journey is almost over.

Joseph Nimoh describes this music as inspirational piano meditation – good for quiet time, relaxation, and reflection. That’s precisely what you get from it, and it’s an absolute pleasure to simply press play and be embraced by the blissful outpouring of musicality and optimism. There’s an undeniably hopeful presence embedded within the sound, and this is something that adds to the relaxation element of the music brilliantly. This ability to completely switch off, to sit back and unwind to a single piece of music, is beautiful, and memorable. The sort of moment audiences will return to again and again.

The melody is not the sort that lingers in your mind like a pop song might, but that’s part of the beauty of the piece. The experience lies very much in the now, so you’re free from regret or future concerns when you listen – you’re completely at one with the current moment. The ambiance of professionally crafted and skillfully performed classical music comes through in a fresh and deeply personal manner here, and it’s wonderful to witness.

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