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Jonathan Cavier Comes a Moment


Jonathan Cavier is a singer and songwriter who offers an uplifting and somewhat infectious melody, not to mention a hopeful and inspiring vision, with his latest track and accompanying video for Comes a Moment. 

The song takes a joyful chord progression and fuses it with a fairly mellow energy. The message is of hope, realising what’s important, fighting your fears, and the music well reflects the power of these ideas, though it does so in a realistic way. The mellow energy supports the concept of struggle, or of things to be taken seriously, and it reaches out to the inner, perhaps quieter emotions of its listeners.

The song in its entirety is well written, the structure is effective in that no moment lingers for too long, but everything is placed appropriately so as to really let it shine at the right time. The sound on the whole is perhaps more soft-rock than acoustic folk. The music in fact crosses over into more of a pop sound at times, which works well in that brings forth the catchy melody and the easy to listen to ambiance. The guitar picking during the verses is beautifully gentle, so you focus on the words, you hear the story, you appreciate the experiences behind it all. Furthermore, it really contrasts well with and compliments the following hook section.

The hook is strong, really bright sounding and memorable. The words chosen are easy to learn and to familiarise yourself with, a strategy employed by many great pop songs. Similarly, the bridge section provides the perfect break towards the final moment within the song. The change in melody, the new chords, the saxophone – it all adds to the experience, and the result is a very heartfelt and thoughtfully crafted song.

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