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Jonathan Cavier When You Come Around


Even with just the first few seconds of music, Jonathan Cavier’s recordings have an immediate and reliable warmth and vibrancy about them that you can return to again and again. The opening few bars of music, the choice of chords, the meeting of the guitar and the piano, the lightness of the beat – a notably lovely touch – and of course, the introduction of the artist’s familiar and enjoyable leading vocal performance; everything is always exactly where it needs to be to make the song in question stand as tall as possible.

When You Come Around is beautiful and lightly upbeat track. The energy of it fits well with the current season, it’s the sort of song you can trust in to lift you up a little when you need it. Though it’s a love song at heart, it has the strength and joy of a well structured pop track – it doesn’t feel like a soppy, overly personal bit of songwriting, it comes across as accessible and relevant to just about anybody who has felt this kind of elation from falling in love.

The acoustic guitar sound throughout the recording is undeniably crisp and carries the chord progression with grace. The artist’s vocal performance, as always, smoothly switches from the gentle and vulnerable to the mighty and powerful with minimal effort. The production has been executed to a level that compliments all of this, every moment within the track, the break down and the build up, and so, as mentioned, you really just get yet another reliable and enjoyable recording from an artist who always delivers high quality folk-pop.

Head over to last month’s write-up for the track Comes a Moment to hear another 2017 release from the singer songwriter. Find and follow Jonathan Cavier on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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