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Johnny Stranger P is For Pompeii


After taking a 10-year hiatus, hard rock outfit Johnny Stranger are back with intention and a fine balance between melody and grit.

P is For Pompeii is a song that makes certain to utilize contrast, moving skillfully from quietly expressive verses, to the high-octane strength and vibrancy of a full-rock hook. There are elements of Incubus during the verse delivery, quick lyricism with a seemingly free rhythm, then you get more of a Foo Fighters vibe during the hook Рdistorted warmth rains down, and a quickly memorable chorus line; followed by some fairly unique and intense guitar work.

Contrast strikes again later on, the band are far from afraid to make the most out of space in between moments of weight and power, and this undoubtedly helps make this song an unmissable hard rock anthem for 2019. The latter half is insanely energizing, particularly when listened to at volume – just be careful not to drive too fast when you do so.

An awesomely intentional, hard-hitting and brilliantly authentic rock track, from a band who we should all be grateful are making their way back on to the world’s music scenes. I look forward to a live show.

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