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Joemayk What Fate Holds


Joemayk returns this summer with perhaps his best song yet. Adopting a partly Americana-like manner of writing and sound design, throwing in just a touch of electronic audio play, What Fate Holds proves a quickly warming, folk-pop anthem that’s a pleasure to listen to.

Joemayk’s vocals on this single sound particularly expressive, the doubled effect adding extra warmth and vibrancy during the chorus – particularly towards the end as the key rises. The overall finish and the melody presented throughout actually lean in something of a Tracy Chapman inspired direction. The lyrics too, these poetic and somewhat complex observations and ponderings connect with the deeply human thoughts and feelings we all tend to experience from time to time.

That electronic injection reaches its peak just before the final chorus, really taking the song further away from any organic comparisons, and this, combined with Joemayk’s notably unique and recognisable vocal tone and sense of personality, helps make the song really stand out. On top of this, strong songwriting that’s easily memorable means this is indeed one of the artist’s most enjoyable releases to date.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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