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JoeMayk Lost Paradise


JoeMayk is a name worth knowing about right now. Having witnessed an influx of superb rock acts over the past twelve months, the new wave of the genre is officially upon us, and JoeMayk adds something totally unique to that process.

Introducing himself as an artist with a clear love for rock throughout the ages, Lost Paradise presents an indie-rock and slightly Brit-pop-inspired soundscape – cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum line, and a boy-next-door vocal that’s as smooth as it is gritty as it meanders through the story-line. Then you get the lyrics, and this long-form, consistently developing melody, which puts me in mind of Freddie Mercury.

On the whole, the song pours through with an air of classic familiarity, but this is a completely new story, new details and clever little lyrics reach out and appeal in an instant. And all the while, JoeMayk’s voice is loaded with personality – the artist’s Venezuelan origins shine brightly in the inflections, and that clear rock passion lifts up any softness in a genuine and engaging way.

A second listen categorically seals the deal. The intro hits with impact, that riff is quickly infectious, reminiscent of a simpler time, and those vocal oohs, that choir, sets a similar scene. Then to sway away from simplicity, JoeMayk embarks upon this long-form, endlessly entrancing and captivating melody, delivering poetry, scenery, and personal emotional reflections all at once. Then you get the ultimate resolve of the hook – underneath the sun, we found a piece of land… – a brilliant moment of brightness and an effective way to close down the progression and lead into the warm embrace of that intro ambiance.

A fantastic song, really – well-crafted, thoughtfully arranged, lyrically fascinating and refreshingly original and honest. It also confidently brings back that classic rock sound that is the riffs and the energy and the freely expressive set-up. Awesome.

Download the single via iTunes. Check out JoeMayk’s previous album release Drive Somewhere. Find & follow JoeMayk on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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