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Joe Melillo Tree To The Sky


The first thing to really grab you about this track is the gorgeously skillful guitar playing. Right from the offset the acoustic guitar sound flickers into existence with great skill and flair, smoothing out as the verses come into play to give off a very raw and live sort of sound.

The recording is indeed very raw, it sounds like a live show, a one-take recording of sorts, but the benefit of this is that you get to hear and witness the genuine energy of the song and the performance, right there in the moment with you. The reverb surrounding the song has a strangely real sound to it that does actually make you think the performance perhaps took place in a church. Considering the subject matter it would make perfect sense, and whether it’s the case or not, this impression adds even more to the value and honesty of the song.

Tree To The Sky is an unusual title at first, but once you listen to the song, it all becomes clear. What’s essentially been captured is a concept that most of us know and love, a song celebrating one of our favourite times of year, yet the artist in this case has taken a fairly fresh approach to the writing. The result is something surprisingly new sounding, and with a great melody to really make sure you remember it after listening.

What works particularly well about the song is that it’s a far more traditional celebration than a lot of the more modern seasonal¬†songs that most listeners might be familiar with. The celebration of Jesus, and the whole origin of Christmas is quite often left out of the conversation, so what Joe Melillo has done is write a superbly energetic and positive sounding piece of music with everything relevant and important incorporated into it. The optimism that the song exudes is brilliant, and once again, it really helps that the sound has such a live and raw presentation to it.

Visit Joe Melillo’s Website for further information. Find and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and check out the song and more music over on Reverbnation.

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