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Jimmy Lee Morris What It Is


Jimmy Lee Morris hits the scene this year with a melodically simple yet infectious pop-rock song. The single offers a little of that nostalgic indie vibe alongside a joyful love for music  – the organic sort that more often thrives in a singer-songwriter setting.

What It Is makes for a song that quickly leaves its mark – all the building blocks are there, this melodic simplicity comes through in the form of short lines and an easy to relate to concept that’s just quirky and uncommon enough to make certain you remember it.

From a musical perspective, there’s a classic warmth to the track and indeed to Jimmy’s vocal style that seems genuinely rooted in the passionate beginnings of pop-rock. The latter of those two genres stands a little taller, thanks to an organic musicality and some wonderful guitar work – particularly towards the end. All in all though, it’s the songwriting and the performance itself that stand out; rather than a clear genre or style label to be adhered to.

Considering the detail and eclecticism of his earlier project Last Of The Tall Shipsthe minimal lyricism of this feels like a step in a slightly new direction. Still that depth and thoughtfulness remains – the very idea of What It Is is to address those fine qualities that mean so much to us but that aren’t always easily defined by language alone. Jimmy Lee Morris does a grand job of addressing and expressing this by means of a lightly colourful and easily recognisable new song. The accompanying video lets you witness a little more of the passion and love for musicianship that led him to this point. The release in full is a pleasure to get on-board with.

Download the single as of January 18th. Find & follow Jimmy Lee Morris on Facebook & Twitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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