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JIMI CIMBALA I believe in good from G-D (playthrough)


Jimi Cimbala is a pretty well known guitarist across Slovakia and Czech Republic, he’s performed with a number of reputable names, though this is his first venture into the solo instrumental world. I Believe in Good From G-D (Playthrough) is just a taster of his upcoming solo album, but it’s a great way for new audiences to connect with his music.

The single and indeed the accompanying video showcase some of the best of the artist’s abilities within an under four minute time-frame. Backed by the work of an additional drummer, everything else you hear within has been performed by Cimbala. The video draws your focus to the various elements or layers that make up the soundscape, so the more you listen and realise what has gone into it, the more impressive it appears.

As a piece of music, this play-through pours out like a medley of sorts – carrying you along on this musical exploration or journey, through intensity and lightness, distortion and the more acoustic, gentle side of the spectrum. The track is pretty complex, multi-coloured and quite epic in essence, though everything within seeks and succeeds to compliment everything else around it. The mood changes on a number of occasions, as does the genre to an extent, though there’s something unquestionably smooth about the transitions between moments. You barely notice the change until you’re neck deep in it, which is powerful. As suggested, it feels like a gathering of moments, a best-of to highlight the sheer skill of the artist, but all of this comes through with precision and relevance to the passing of time.

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There’s no question as to how well Jimi Cimbala can play, his love of music is clear and this passion shines brightly through his playing. Performing as a part of someone else’s stage show or sound is one thing, performing your own form of artistry is something else entirely – it brings to the stage a real glimpse of emotional depth and reflection. There’s a strong connection between the artist and the music when it’s something that has been crafted and composed originally, from the heart. That’s definitely what you get with this. The album is one to await if you love rock, pop-rock, impressive guitar work, and just about anything in between.

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