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Jerrica Alyssa Those Cherry Lips


Jerrica Alyssa offers up the classic warmth and flow of smooth RnB from back in the day on this latest single. Those Cherry Lips has a retro musicality that brings with it a welcomed touch of nostalgia. In the same instance, the melody that emerges seems a little more modern pop than anything, and Alyssa’s leading voice in addition is notably gentle, softly soulful – not unlike the sort of style you’d have expected from Kylie Minogue once upon a time; this whole release has that kind of feel actually.

As the song progresses, the opening aura of mellow energy seems to evolve into something a little more vibrant. There’s a certain bounce to the song’s hook – as the beat kicks in, the melody switches to that rather iconic moment of rising notes presenting the central idea, and this is undoubtedly where the song’s key characteristics lie.

Jerrica Alyssa presents the varying moments throughout the song in a fitting, calm and seductive way. Her voice leads with subtle confidence that suits the adoring concept expressed within the lyrics in the perfect way. The result is a single that works equally well as a background track – a pop hit fit for the airwaves – or a song that entrances and appeals on a greater level; drawing the listener in and provoking an interest in hearing much more of her music. That’s the sort of quality many hope for but fail to achieve in modern music. Alyssa seems to have it down in a notably natural manner. The song is humble, not trying to be anything other than what it needs to be, and in doing this – it introduces the artist behind it in a respectable, endearing and interesting way.

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