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Jerome Savage is an avid fan of Hip-Hop, but what separates him from much of the crowd is his innate creativity. His ability to make great music out of nothing, again and again; fusing originality with personality, and individual flair. He’s building these tracks for artists to collaborate with, yet they work pretty damn well on their own, in all honesty. The music is unique and varied, the rhythm, the beat, the sounds and effects used throughout – everything has Jerome’s stamp on it; his creative mind shines brightly with every element.

The first we heard of Jerome’s work was his track with artist LuLu – we reviewed Critics back at the start of May. The more tracks of his we’ve listened to, the clearer it is how enthusiastic, energetic, and ultimately quite influential his music making really is. The beat behind Critics is one that we loved from the moment we heard it – the originality is undeniable, that oriental sounding riff is superb, and really helps the track stand out and leave it’s mark in your mind long after you’ve listened.

You also get these awesomely distorted, jittery sort of synths, which actually have the strange effect of being like a futuristic, alternative, orchestral string section – the quickness of the notes, the hectic, manic moments that this brings to the music. It’s really impressive, the whole track is pretty immense – so much happens in such a small time. After the heavy there’s also this mellow, keys driven ambient part, which works brilliantly alongside the drama of the bigger sounding sections. It’s a great piece of music, a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating it, that much is clear.

With masses of ambition and at such a young age, he’s someone to look out for – and even possibly seek to work with. There are so many artists out there who are lyricists, singers, performers, and not necessarily musicians or producers – the music Jerome Savage creates could be the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of different talents and styles. For example, his beat Faded is completely different to the one used in Critics, it’s this euphoric and ambient backdrop that washes over your entire existence as you listen. The layered synths, the keys, and the bass heavy beat, all work together beautifully, stylishly, and when it all falls away – the space left to add your own stamp is extremely inviting and accessible.

It’s a pretty stunning track on it’s own, to be fair, I’ve listened relentlessly to this one over the past few days – you can really turn it up loud and get lost in the music and the soundscape. Essentially though, what it does is force you to form ideas, to make up lyrics as you involve yourself in it, which is just fantastic – exactly the kind of effect producers and beat makers should be looking to achieve if they hope to collaborate with other people. The possibilities beyond just the music are endless, and that’s what makes him a great producer.

If you head over Jerome Savage’s Soundcloud page you can listen to more music from the artist. You’ll also see that he’s already swiftly making his way into the music industry and amassing an impressive collection of work, as well as collaborations – Critics being a huge breakthrough point in recent months for both the producer and the artist LuLu. Give him a follow. What Now is another one of Jerome’s beats that builds an entirely different story to the previous two tracks. Jerome experiments intensely with sounds and moods, this one being a significantly darker, more late night kind of vibe than the previous two.

His creativity has that wonderful freedom to it that we always talk about. Confined by nothing, defined by no genre or otherwise musical walls. As mentioned – the possibilities are endless. He’s definitely someone to check out – particularly if you’re an artist, lyricist, or singer, looking for fresh, inventive, and powerful sounding beats. Even just those of you who are avid music lovers. Press play and immerse yourself in the sound. Escape from your reality for a while. Well worth your time.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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