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Jernej Zoran You


Delicate fingerstyle guitar of descending chords that feel both folk-like and neo-classical by nature – Jernej Zoran showcases a songwriting prowess once again, with the heartfelt and rising warmth of You.

Presenting an increasingly enchanting, uplifting and memorable arrangement, You gathers momentum consistently and impressively, finding its groove amidst the brightness and embrace of Country and Americana, with an impassioned vocal delivery and chorus that naturally lingers in the mind.

You leads with a distinct but subtle guitar riff, a growing sense of energy and conviction – a bold connection to the gratitude and intimacy of the writing. The release marks a fine display of talent and professionalism intertwined, and offers close to five minutes of organic music and performance that’s second to none.

Something of a timeless ode to love and romance, You feels like a cinematic accompaniment that could easily stand the test of time. The writing is simple but striking, and the arrangement and production really bring that quality to life in a manner that’s hypnotic and uplifting by nature.

Jernej Zoran always engages listeners, and the collaborative strength and skill of You proves a modest but brilliantly hopeful ode to that truth.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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