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Jeremillz Racks in My Pants (Prod. by Yung Oak)


These days you really need to get creative in hip hop in order to have any sort of impact or even come through with something original and memorable. Whatever opinions you begin to form – initially when reading the title to this track, and later by listening to the various sections that make it up – it’s pretty difficult to deny that Jeremillz has categorically taken the concept of getting creative to a totally carefree and characterful level.

Racks In My Pants is a release with three separate sections that each work their ear-wormery and unusual lyricism in a unique way. The first is the song’s hook – the opening moments of melody lay this out, alongside of which runs the track’s beat, by Yung Oak; undoubtedly a crisp and smooth, effective hip hop backdrop in itself. Jeremillz’ initial vocal delivery for this hook has a strangely whispered style to it, adding further to this layer of personality and the all round unpredictable nature of the piece. As stated, you can’t deny the creativity, and what’s more – these opening moments offer a definite level of intrigue. You want to hear more, you want to see where this goes.

The beat on this release weaves its simple riffs and general vibe around you in a memorable way. Jeremillz’ vocal work coincides brilliantly with this, the hook at the start and indeed the first verse seek to captivate in a powerful way. You never know what to expect, but the flow is insane initially, and it continues to evolve and stay creatively free at every step afterwards. The ideas seem partly inspired and intelligent, but partly also care free and even humorous. In either case, you walk away humming the tune – the haunting, hypnotic nature of the beat lingers with you for quite some time as well.

There’s a certain, enjoyable string of entertainment to this whole single. There’s drama within the structure and the delivery – it’s a performance, through and through. The originality is pretty refreshing and you’re undoubtedly going to recognise the track again after hearing it even just once. Worth a look.

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