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Jemda Yisa Neeya


Yisa Neeya is the stunning new single from Ghana-based artist Jemda. The song brings together the organic bounce of a world-music-fused soundscape with some superb vocal melodies and a general sense of togetherness and possibility. Without a doubt, this is a song to be played at volume, and one to be shared with those you hold close.

Jemda’s approach to music is one clearly guided by a love for and natural connection with the art form. Her faith in God and her inherent ability to perform with heart and soul help make this a truly uplifting piece of music and performance. The whole thing offers a multi-layered ambiance that energizes and satisfies. You can hear the set-up clearly, you can visualize that live show – festival stages across the globe would embrace and be blessed by this sort of sound.

In among the music, Jemda’s leading voice is incredible – delicate when necessary, almighty and powerful when the moment requires it. In addition, the instrumentation – the breaks, the choir of voices supporting the melody – all of this adds colour and detail, helping build something truly immersive, quickly memorable, and absolutely worth including in your long-term playlist.

There’s a certain brightness to Yisa Neeya that shines even from afar. It fills the room with joy and positivity, and that’s a wonderful thing to experience. I look forward to hearing more. In the meantime, that hook runs through the mind in a hypnotic way. A superb song.

* * *

When you think about being successful, what does that life look like for you?

Touring around the world with my music and appearing on international programs because people love my voice and songs. Also because people are inspired to trust God more through my songs, and want to hear more of it. This will be fulfilling and successful for me.

Where do you see yourself in two years time?

I see myself as an international African gospel musician, making the airwaves and winning awards both national and international.

Imagine yourself in 50 years time looking back on your life…

I will be having a lot of people singing songs I will be writing, including my kids.

How would you like to think about your musical career?

It is great and promising. Although I see that I need more exposure, I see it going big with the help of God.

And how would you like to think about your life in general?

I am living my dream of touching souls and lives through music. Though in a little way.

* * *

Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow Jemda on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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