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Jedstarr Pressure


Jedstarr storms through this season with a heavy track designed and ready to re-ignite the passion and captivating escapism of hard-hitting hip hop.

A track that grabbed our attention in an instant, Pressure showcases a rapper at the top of his game, naturally connected to the rhythm of the soundtrack and the lyrical depth and intention of his writing.

Featuring a striking beat, synth-soaked and tripped up like dark trap with an EDM edge, the single sees Jedstarr perform seemingly limitless bars by means of an unwavering, faultless flow that barely allows him room to breathe.

Coming in at a pretty perfect 3.38, the track is over and done with before you really know what’s hit you, but it begs for you to listen back. Where the vast majority of hip hop releases of late, in the indie world at least, leave a less than memorable impression, this track cuts through the noise and makes you feel like you really just witnessed something big.

Complete with intermittent seg-ways or skits that break up the intensity and remind listeners of the struggle that is the life of the artist, the self-belief in the face of outward criticism and obstacles, the song brings through a unique musical aura alongside an exceedingly unique writing style. In the same instance, Jedstarr’s vocal tone and the story-telling he drives with offer something loaded with identity.

There’s a fine balance between humility and confidence here, and all the while the whole thing embraces listeners, energizes them, and captivates right through to the end.

Brilliant. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come. Listen loud.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Jedstarr on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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