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JDR Only U


Only U is something of a warming last grasp at the good vibes of the summer – not overwhelmingly upbeat, but smooth and enjoyable in an easy going, lightly uplifting kind of way. It’s a great track, the rhythm and melody go hand in hand and it makes for an addictive piece of music that falls somewhere between Despacito and I Took A Pill In Ibiza, though the delicacy and laid back energy of it works towards a thing of its own almost entirely.

With the single comes the official video, and in this case it effectively accompanies the song and its sentiment, as well as presenting listeners with the personalities and relevant confidence of the JDR duo. It’s a simple pleasure to stumble upon, but it becomes more and more enjoyable each time you listen. The pop-meets-EDM vibe is distinctly popular right now, and this particular offering showcases a meeting of genres and languages in a way that really highlights that necessary feeling of unity and oneness.

From a songwriting perspective, the melody and indeed the hook for Only U are very easily absorbed. You take on the sound and it becomes the perfect ear-worm. Then you appreciate more and more the verses, the gradually evolving vocal lines, the two different voices, the soundscape. It’s a brilliantly produced piece of music and the presence of two different voices, two personalities, really adds a new dynamic to the process and opens up the sound in an almost theatre-like manner – setting the scene several times, offering constant change and development.

The song keeps your interest throughout and that’s a great thing to achieve, particularly within such a bright and perhaps mainstream-ready release. The individuality adds a touch of realness and yet the music has the professional build up and polish to really work its magic.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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