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JAYEM Hedonistic


JAYEM’s sound showcases a variety influences that fuse well to build something notably creative and simultaneously atmospheric. You can lose yourself to the sound of Hedonistic, the beat alone evolves fairly consistently – the musicality of the piece has been utilised and taken control of as much as the lyricism, and this is the key to a complete work of art when making music.

There’s a certain unity between everything involved in the track. The developing passion in the lyrics and in the vocal performance is supported and enhanced at every moment by the surrounding instrumentation. The structure of the piece reflects this incredibly well, the music and the ideas go hand in hand, and this makes for a captivating and forever interesting listening experience.

At over four minutes long, Hedonistic takes full advantage of every second that plays out for you. The song strikes as a deeply personal means of expression, but without a doubt the artist has considered his audience, the effect of the music on them, the fact that attention is often fleeting and to hold on to a new listener for the full extent of your recording is no easy feat these days. The solution is in the awareness of the problem.

On top of the connection between the elements, JAYEM’s story telling comes through as very honest, reflective of real feelings, directed unquestionably at a significant other, but kept accessible at all times to anyone who listens. The second vocal rhythm section features imagery and self-reflective statements that really strike a chord, and the following melodic moment where the instrumentation falls away draws out the soul of the song and holds you captive entirely in its ambiance.

As stated, there’s a distinctly considerate nature to the way in which this release has been crafted. It’s unpredictable, yet satisfying – smooth and dramatic all at once; calming and intense. There’s also a lot of personality to it, and this introduces you effectively to a new artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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