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Jay Jai Stranger


Jay Jai hits high with this single and paints a totally different picture of himself as an artist. Stranger is a beautiful song, in many ways Рthe musical ambiance, the vocal melody and the performance, the lyrics and overall concept; everything just works.

From the offset the vocal melody grabs you for its passionate, soulful desperation. The vocal effects keep the song firmly planted among modern music’s audience, but apart from this – everything about the song screams originality. Not even just that – it’s a well written song, interesting and emotional in all the right ways.

Jay Jai pours genuine heartache into this song – you can hear it in the lyrics, and you can feel it in the performance. This is where artists go from merely making music to actually building bridges and connecting with people. Cleverly the very concept of a stranger is overcome with this type of song – the audience, however far away they may be, feel a little closer when the writing is so honest and soulful.

The actual concept of this song of course deals with a more self-reflective take on being a stranger – not knowing yourself, finding life is weighing down too heavily. Jay Jai holds tight to these ideas and feelings in every way – even musically. The instrumentation behind this song is an integral part of what makes it work so well. The backdrop is delicate yet simultaneously chaotic, it’s an electronic ambiance but there are flickers of distortion that feel a little electronic-rock-like. Furthermore, the song works hard structurally to keep things moving and to make sure every moment and every idea is represented as strongly as possible. The switch to the rap showcases Jay Jai’s unquestionable skills as a lyricist and a complex performer, and all in all this is a totally addictive, authentic song that absolutely deserves to be heard.

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