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Janna Pelle Died Trying


How do we learn to embrace the inevitability of death from a place of love and warm color?

Janna Pelle pays tribute to existence and the unpredictability of death with this latest single, reminding listeners to live life to the fullest as time is not a guarantee for any of us.

Died Trying leads with a fairly retro dance-pop aura, classic synths and a big beat pave the way for Pelle’s thoughtful lyrics and her accessible vocal style to offer up this quickly likable, memorable melody and inspiring story-line.

Audrey Lorea directs the accompanying video for the song, showcasing art and reality intertwining. Died Trying is clearly a celebration of life and the wonders that come with it – both the video and the song itself work well to highlight this sentiment and to leave the listener with a warming sense of possibility. The chord progression and the tune linger in your mind, uniting to bring a feeling of contentment – that everything’s OK, so why fret about the small stuff. The hook in particular stays with you long after listening; reminding you, in many ways, that the point is to at least try. Whatever it is that you want, give it a go – there’s peace of mind in this, at the very least, in knowing you’ve tried, and the song and video underline that concept really well.

As an introduction to the artist, this retro pop musicality and Pelle’s deeply considerate lyrics paint a picture of someone with a clear love for the art-form and a deep connection to the words presented. The longer project will likely bring through more of the same influential ideas and musically free, engaging soundscapes. Well worth exploring.

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