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Jamit 西方人不是外国人 (Westerners are not foreigners)


Written with the concept in mind that, as written on Jamit’s YouTube description of the track, ‘just because you’re a westerner doesn’t mean you’re a foreigner’, this new single reintroduces fans to the much-loved blend of techno rhythms, driving synths and infectious beats, while provoking a certain set of ideas to ponder over as the music pours through. At the same time, the track creates an ideal summer dance piece to enjoy pretty much anywhere – need it be a club, a garden, or while taking a drive on a sunny day with friends. It even works, surprisingly well, as a track to work-out to – and in particular, to run to; thanks to just how steady the beat is.

When it comes to the vocal – given that it’s not delivered in English (Jamit hails from Singapore), it could have been the track’s weakest point, running a rather large risk of causing fans who had otherwise been enjoying the instrumentation and dance-party rhythm to stop listening. On the contrary, this quirkiness, this all-inclusive, world voice that aims to welcome and embrace all people, makes for something that represents its own intentions through and through. As is the artistry of Jamit on every occasion.

In reality, as per the artist’s own admission – the inclusion of the Japanese vocals (as opposed to Chinese) is meant as a spoof on the idea that all Westerners can be referred to with the blanket term “foreigner” based on skin colour. The vocals declare: “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in China anymore”. The idea being that once one steps out of one’s home country, the word “foreigner” can only really be applied to oneself. (And is equally meaningless in any online situation, as there are no countries there, no borders.)

Jamit has always been an artist never afraid to be ‘out there’ when it comes to experimentation and injecting this pop-heavy music world we live in with something quite unlike anything around – either now or in the past. This latest release is no different. His said eagerness to stand out from the crowd might not earn, or have yet earned, the artist a huge following, but it does allow for pure expression and a unique identity, which in itself can be, and often is, more than enough.

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