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Jamie Dunphy and True North Snowfall


Instantly warming in its seasonal downpour of guitars and colourful optimism, Jamie Dunphy and True North return with a gorgeously refreshing classic, in the form of an aptly-titled and well-timed Snowfall.

Featuring a classic pop-rock arrangement and brightly-crafted verses and melodic shifts to match, Snowfall has the makings of a timeless winter hit, building beautifully through layers of familiar calm and originality combined.

Finely-performed, Jamie’s leading vocals provide additional warmth, and guide us smoothly through these poetic and beautiful scenes and details.

Always the band capture the moment well, for their writing and passionate commitment to the delivery united. In this case, there’s an all-round indie-anthem presence to the song, and that colder-season intricacy proves just a subtle yet effective trait to make things all the more relevant right about now.

Notably a subtle yet satisfying earworm of a hit, the resolve and fall down to ‘take me home’ is quite stunning, and lingers long after the music has ended. Weave in those equally humble strings, riffs, and the clear oneness between all layers and musicians, and Snowfall offers everything that a nostalgic Goo Goo Dolls anthem would, only here we get that freshness of identity, realness of writing, and a crisp, contemporary sound that builds and builds towards a mighty and uplifting crescendo.

Really nicely done, a wonderful song and well-produced for that immersive, lasting escapism.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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