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Jamie Dunphy and True North Dark Night Bright Morning


The introduction to this new album from Jamie Dunphy and True North makes for a nostalgically intentionally pathway into the project. Gentle acoustic vibes and country story-telling unite to captivate and provoke thought. Time is the kind of song you might usually find towards the end of a full-band album, but in this case the softness and contemplation makes for a refreshing way in – and works beautifully in allowing the rest of the playlist to appeal all the more strongly.

As Dark Night Bright Morning continues, this thoughtful writing style proves a clear calling card of the band’s – as does that accessible, guy-next-door vocal; so genuine as it ponders these various aspects of life.

Years Before brightens the room well after the opener, the full-band set-up taking hold with subtle yet immersive warmth.

The Great Divide is an easy highlight, a little more upbeat and electric-guitar-led, the first track to push through for our playlist last week. Jamie Dunphy and True North blend poetry and reflective self-awareness with beautiful melodies, great riffs, and the natural comfort of organic soft-rock.

Other highlights from the album include the finger-picking character and depth of Pieces, the compelling observations and dreamy tone to mighty hook-brightness of Ships, and the rock-ready, infectious rhythms and satisfying progression and drop of The Girl In The Boat; a personal favourite for its catchy, anthem-like hook. Waves is also one that beautifully explodes into an anthemic embrace during the latter half.

In every case, this collection of originals effectively creates defiant interest in a live show from the band. A gorgeously enjoyable, interesting and professionally crafted album, from a band with a timeless authenticity to their sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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