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Sometimes you come across an artist or song that just fits, one that immediately warms you, calms you down from the moment you press play. Jamie Alimorad’s track Rock Me To Heaven brilliantly showcases this kind of warmth. The song alone has the power to capture your attention and your heart, but also – it’s a superb introduction to an artist who consistently writes from a place of honesty and depth. There’s nothing to worry about when you listen to his music. That is to say, it has the effect of freeing you from your daily troubles, it has that natural power, the very basic nature of music and art. Rock Me To Heaven in particular is a fine example of this kind of effectiveness.

It’s a beautifully heart felt song, poetically and honestly written, quite clearly designed by real emotions, real feelings; that’s something you can tell just by listening – you can feel that every word really meant something. The vocal performance is smooth and flawless, yet it still has this lovely element of rawness to it, the voice of talent within an artist that you can really connect with. Some of the notes reached are phenomenal, it’s a really strong performance throughout, and the music is perfectly constructed and placed at every turn.

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Jamie Alimorad is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a passionate and skillful musician and song writer, with the added benefit of graduating with a degree in Music Tech. His first EP was entitled Cornerstone, you can head over to his Website to listen and find out more about his musical endeavors. In essence, the songs Jamie Alimorad writes are those of a simplistic kind of beauty and strength. He knows how to write, it seems to come naturally for him, and the music surrounding the melody and the lyrics just falls into place superbly. There is never a moment of doubt or error, like this is exactly what he is supposed to be doing, and he makes sure every part of it is just where it needs to be. The result is a collection of incredibly well written and flawlessly performed and produced music.

The track Rock Me To Heaven has a classic, acoustic rock kind of sound to it. The writing shines brightly and you really walk away from this one feeling like you’ve experienced something real, warm, and wonderful. The video that accompanies the music is gorgeously in keeping with the mood created by the track. That simplistic beauty, the distinct presence of a natural talent for writing and singing, the lack of a need for any overbearing effects or musical additives. The skill is there, so no filler is necessary.

I was in fact reminded just slightly of the more mellower side of Bryan Adams, that stripped back rock kind of sound – it’s not just an acoustic track, it feels like more than that, like there could be a huge orchestra accompanying the performance, or equally you could take everything away except the artist and his guitar, and in both cases the power and the openness would shine through. It’s a pretty amazing thing to achieve within a single song, and on top of this the whole track has a certain timeless flair to it. It would be a pleasure to hear now, tomorrow, and in ten years time no doubt.

Check it out for yourself; this is Jamie Alimorad, the official track and video for Rock Me To Heaven..

The guitar work as well is something you can really notice in this, behind all of the music and the writing; it’s brilliantly on point and really well developed. A lot of skill and control in the playing, throughout his catalogue actually – one of his less recent tracks, Forever and a Day, is another great example. The music is fantastic, every song has been so well structured and thought out, then beautifully performed and recorded. His entire collection of music is a haven for that feel good, pop rock vibe that can brighten up even the darkest of days.

You can find Rock Me To Heaven over on Spotify, or if you head to his Website you can take home a copy of your own and listen to your heart’s content. Stay involved and look out for live shows and new releases by following Jamie on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. His openness, his realness, transcend into the online world; he quite regularly shares wonderful snippets of his musical endeavors, gigs, practice sessions – well worth a follow, a great source of joy and inspiration. You can also find out more about him over on his Website.

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