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James W. Bell Close Your Eyes


Artist James W. Bell creatively fuses a number of influences on this new single. Leading with a punk-pop melodic development but a more progressive rock-inspired musicality, showcasing moments of distortion as much as those which hit with poetic purity and pop-like intention, Close Your Eyes pours through for just over three minutes, and makes certain you’ve noticed it in that time.

The song offers an underlying sentiment that seems fairly inspiring and of depth – the poetic references intertwine with the inclusion of ‘you’, inviting the listener to consider these ideas, these instances of advice, and to feel the embrace of the music as its weight and intensity fills the room. The resulting effect is hopefully that you feel as if there’s a certain power or possibility within you – that this moment can influence you for the better, combining the strength of music as escapism, with the positive intentions and purpose of Bell’s lyrics.

Vocally the song is delivered in a manner that feels punk-pop like initially, particularly during the verses, but moves on to gather a minimalist range with elongated notes in a fashion that feels a little more Iron Maiden like than anything else. Having said that, the sound in full is true to this artist alone right now, his optimism, his writing style, and his overall musical output all lean in favour of originality and identity, and these are the main qualities you take away after listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

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