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Jakson & Eye Sea It’s Okay (Prod. by Guala Beatz x Darkboy Beatz)


California-based artist and rapper Jakson has released two singles so far this year, both offering impressively smooth and lyrically thoughtful audio escapism that sets the bar high for his future productions.

It’s Okay¬†is perhaps the most interesting of the two as it sees both artists involved travel down a deeply considerate and honest pathway that’s refreshingly easy to relate to. The very concept and indeed the track’s hook both focus on this level of self-doubt we often have to deal with – it faces that head on and overcomes it within the journey. The laid-back beat and the lyrics, even the creatively free nature of the delivery all leaves the listener with a genuine belief in this idea that it’s okay, or that it will be soon.

Production-wise there’s a simple delicacy to this track that’s easy to vibe to. On top of this, the song’s hook at first seems fit to accompany the bulk of hip hop releases from the past year or so, but as you venture further you notice those pensive intricacies and dashes of creativity that help give it a slight edge. The rap verse after this builds even more so on that sense of individuality.

There’s a motivational mood to much of the track, openness regarding real daily life is balanced with an optimistic glance at the future and a general feeling of positivity and drive. The second rap verse sees lyrical brilliance pour through by means of a varied flow that incorporates a touch of melody and takes wordplay and reflective writing to superb new heights. The completed track keeps things concise yet relevant, the sections each work well to offer dynamic and to hold the audience’s attention, and still that smooth overall vibe maintains a level of calm that’s a pleasure to be surrounded by.

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