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Jahmings Maccow Trod It Through


Jahmings Maccow brings some beautiful vibes on this organic and soulful rock-reggae crossover. From the offset the soundscape has a blissful and rather classic set-up, not the usual reggae bounce you might expect, more of a delicate blues-rock ambiance – slightly melancholy, smooth, and incredibly easy to get into.

As things progress, the vocal melody and the leading voice are undoubtedly what give the song character and a sense of unique style. The piece deals with difficult topics, the lyrics don’t hold back, and you can hear the truth and struggle in the voice – delivering the concept with all the more poignancy.

From a songwriting perspective, Maccow has built this song with a cleverly striking and memorable verse melody – these two high notes at the start of each line make certain to capture your attention, and in among the gentle warmth of the music this hits with notable impact. The later sections, innocent blood… dread…, the concept intensifies, the melody evolves and is accompanied by a layer of electronically distorted guitar, almost going full-throttle with the weight of rock music; the whole thing draws you in even more so. The drum-line keeps its calm until this moment, then just subtly increases the intensity in unison with the rising power of the surrounding elements.

Maccow’s leading voice portrays the progression beautifully, the song is heart-breaking and impossible to ignore. At the same time, it’s beautiful – the melody and the music, the additional vocals in the distance – all of this works perfectly in making for a totally refreshing and unforgettable single.

As an artist, Jahmings Maccow brings something fresh to the scene – this fusion of genres, the reggae vocal style and the organic blues-rock ambiance, combined with writing of social depth and unwavering honesty, is a blessing to stumble upon. Trod It Through is a stunning song and I look forward to hearing more from Maccow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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