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Jah Cure Lion in the Jungle


Keeping the authentic reggae vibes alive and shining brightly, Jah Cure offers the genuine sound and vibe of the genre alongside of heartfelt songwriting and a distinctive and passionate performance. Lion In The Jungle is a beautiful track, easily memorable from the offset and totally uplifting to listen to. What’s more, there’s depth to the song, you listen past the energy of the music or the rhythm and the beat – you listen to consider it all, and that makes a big difference.

Lion In The Jungle is a superb piece of music and writing, it feels fresh – the melody line, the concept, the sound of Cure’s voice; it all presents something new, a new perspective, a new character, yet at this same time the essence of reggae and everything that it stands for lives on throughout the track. There are a fair few additional elements within the mix that brighten up the soundscape and help bring the song into the mainstream or modern day world – instrumental flickers of keys, a little sax, the beat itself – simple touches that have undoubtedly played a part in the success of the track over the past few months. However, for the most part it’s that realness, that character you can hear in the vocals, the lyrics, the story-line – this is what makes people come back time and time again.

The song is addictively enjoyable, it reaches out to connect with its audience in more ways that the simple bounce of the music. It makes you keen to discover more from the man behind it all; an easy decision to make. The vibe of the track is brilliant, a timeless classic with a fresh touch of relevancy – the perfect combination.

Lion In The Jungle is making waves right now & has been featured by Seani B & David Rodigan on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Find & follow Jah Cure on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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