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JAH CURE Jah Watch Over His People (Reggae Star Riddim)


The unmistakable, Grammy-nominated Jah Cure returns this year with a beautifully heartfelt song – one that brings together the warmth of reggae and the ballad-like passion of a choir-led pop release. The artist’s leading voice and the quietly accompanying voices in the distance create an immediately calming and welcoming aura, which, when combined with these particular lyrics, is quickly entrancing and offers a genuine sense that everything will be OK.

This feels like a step in a slightly different direction for Jah Cure, the change in pace is welcomed and the song is absolutely beautiful in every way. The leading voice moves from quietly open to incredibly passionate during certain later moments. Furthermore, the melody makes certain to leave its mark as soon as possible, not in an intrusive or overbearing fashion, but more-so in a subtle, slept-on classic sort of way. There’s comfort in the familiarity, but you can’t pinpoint it as being reminiscent of anything in particular. Those good vibes shine brightly and this comes through in everything from the loyalty and gratitude of the lyrics to the gentle, humble groove of the music.

Fusing the classic unity of a reggae vibe with superb songwriting is always something Jah Cure succeeds at masterfully. In this case, the song presents a sense of consciousness and a simultaneous ray of light that listeners can feel drawn to and reassured by when times get tough. His upcoming album, Royal Soldier, is categorically one worth tuning in for. There’s something refreshingly bright about this style of songwriting and musical presentation – no doubt the new collection will offer plenty more in the way of personal empowerment and possibility, with a whole host of new melodies and ideas to feel embraced by. Jah Watch Over His People in itself rightfully earns a spot on any long-term playlist.

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