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Jacob Levy & Meir Shitrit When Kids (And Parents) Feel The Music


When Kids Feel The Music is an incredibly eclectic collection of songs, ranging in style and genre from blues to funk to reggae to folk rock and beyond. This album is something special.

The musicality of the album is perhaps the first thing listeners will notice. Meir Shitrit’s guitar playing is fantastic, extremely versatile, always stylish and in keeping with the mood. The vocal performances are varied yet always skillful, every instrument in fact – and there are many that appear throughout the project – it’s all so flawlessly played. Everything genuinely sounds so on point.  You could in fact listen to opening track When I Grow Up and believe you’d stumbled upon some classic blues track, perhaps even from a well known film. As you listen more intently though, the wonderful truth of the project comes to light. These songs are an amazing example of the power of music and the positive ways in which we can teach children to appreciate and learn about music, about creativity, and about the things that matter.

The eclectic nature of the project is made crystal clear even just from the switch to track two. The album features 11 vocalists in total, and each track has something completely new and different to the last in terms of genre and style. The melodies throughout are captivating and memorable, and the lyrics are so unique and so warm and relevant to listen to; you can really see parents and children alike indulging and enjoying the entire album. There are moments of reggae, real blues guitar, wonderful drum lines, beautiful vocals and harmonies, sublime piano, and perhaps more importantly – an ongoing opportunity for children to learn new skills and new facts about the world and the important things in life.

Heroes is a stunning moment of reflection and appreciation for family, delivered by means of a beautiful, folk-like song. Home Sweet Home fuses a little bit of country music, with yet another superb melody and some sensational banjo playing. So many of the tracks teach truly valuable lessons. Let’s Get Along is an example, but it’s far from alone. The whole album is just magical.

There is not, to my knowledge, a collection of songs aimed at both children and parents that is quite as appropriately and impressively crafted as this. The music has an amazing vibe to it from song to song – you can listen to these tracks purely for the love of the sound. You could adore and appreciate the songwriting and the musical creativity with or without the kids, the added benefit of course is that the whole project works for the entire family. It’s brilliant, really compelling songwriting and composition at all times, and so gorgeously inclusive of everyone.

Highly recommended for families, aspiring musicians, schools, and anyone who simply appreciates wonderful music with great energy and good vibes throughout.

Listen to and download the album via Bandcamp. Visit the Official Website for more information.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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