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Jackson Howard Just For The Mystery


Jackson Howard’s music has wonderful freshness to it that offers an upbeat, happy sort of energy, alongside of a genuine and enjoyable leading voice. Just For The Mystery comes across as a folk-pop song with a very real, acoustic ambiance. The brightness and bounce of the music is clear from the offset, and the artist’s voice is laid fairly bare, so you really get that genuine, honest feel from the whole thing.

The song develops in a way that adds to the brightness more and more. The instrumentation rises in intensity appropriately; you can feel the energy, as mentioned, and it makes you crave a live performance just to witness it all taking place in real time. The songwriting is strong, the melodies used in the verses and in the hook have a joyful, almost family-film kind of vibe, though in among this particular musical setting the approach is likely to reach out and connect with most of everyone who hears it. A slight Jason Mraz style comes through on occasion, but it’s a brief hint of nostalgia mixed in with a thoroughly original and enjoyable bit of expression.

Jackson Howard’s lyrics offer something unique to the world of songwriting. As stated, the song has been made accessible to all with its warm and very real approach, but once you’re involved you get to appreciate these characterful lines and moments that fill up the lyrical content. The recording in its entirety is a pleasure to witness, the story telling and the imagery pulls you in and holds you captive throughout, in a great way. Furthermore, the structure of the track allows the story to weave and meander alongside of the music in a manner that never ceases to entertain.

There’s a lot to love about Jackson Howard’s sound and songwriting. Visit his Soundcloud to catch up. Find and follow him on FacebookTwitter or visit his Website for more information.

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