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Jackson Hollow Look Who’s Talking Now


Mellow bluegrass and country vibes pour through in organic layers of live performance, as vocalist Tianna paves the way with clarity and familiar melodic developments. Jackson Hollow release their brand new single Look Who’s Talking Now, and light up the room with ease.

The crisp sound hits with impact, feeling hopeful in its tuneful embrace but essentially dealing with heartbreak and the need to overcome or escape a relationship that’s going nowhere.

Musically the song adopts a classic, even nostalgic and simple route through exploring its underlying story.

Lyrically there’s nothing left hidden or unstated, perhaps an artistic nod to the desired relationship. While my first thought was that many partners often crave somebody who simply asks ‘how was your day’, the central sentiments of the song reach out regardless, and the rising brightness works well to elevate this ultimately relatable concept.

Written by legends of the scene Melba Montgomery (George Jones), Jerry Salley (Reba McEntire), and Leslie Satcher (Martina McBride), Look Who’s Talking Now marks the third single release from the upcoming Jackson Hollow album.

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