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Jac0b Vibe


Swedish producer Jac0b fuses organic riffs and a classic, electronic beat on this single Vibe. As an instrumental, the piece creates the perfect end of summer ambiance, feeling musically whole and progressive as it pours through. There are numerous different sections to the track that point to the producer being a creative, first and foremost – an artist passionate about music and audio. Furthermore, these organic sounds – the opening piano chords, the guitar riff and the crisp finish of it – all of this adds a level of real-time musicianship, which is actually really refreshing among an otherwise electronically soaked genre.

By the half way point, the overall vibe of this appropriately titled piece is one that’s easily familiar, recognisable, and uplifting to have surround you. There’s a sense of optimism and possibility to the riff, it’s simple but effective in the manner that a mainstream hook needs to be in order to weave its way into the minds of a wider audience. By the time the track finishes you miss the colour and warmth of its presence. In addition, the second and third times you hear it, you appreciate the development even more so. The build ups and the drops hit with subtle but certain strength.

Vibe introduces the work of Jac0b in a manner that feels perfectly well balanced between that which is creatively free and that which is undeniably professional. The aura this single gives off just makes you feel good, it sets the mood for any number of situations, and it’s comforting, even energizing, to have play for you. Whenever we seek out the soundtrack to a quick drive or even to wake us up in the morning, this is the sort of smooth yet clever ambiance we turn to. There’s nothing overly personal that detaches the track from the listener – on the contrary, it feels like it’s been made for you; which is exactly the way we like to feel when we turn to music. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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