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J.R.P Seriel Reverie


An intriguing and soulful, poetic J.R.P Seriel lays out the mood and depths of this new project from the outset, as the mellow rhythm and dreamy contemplation of Wounds Of Love slowly and passionately trickles through.

Immediately we’re introduced to a thoughtful, genre-fusing artist with a clear commitment to the emotion and purpose of the music.

Reverie is the project, six original tracks that prove as eclectic as they are intentional and indicative of an artist with a fearless approach to creativity and performance.

Long-form melodies feel like an outcry of longing throughout the opening track, leading towards the repeating resolve of the title. Meanwhile a notably artistic trip-hop-style soundscape backs up the freestyle-like display of voice, and leaves a lingering sense of darkness and intimacy united.

As Silencio begins, the hints of accent and personality from earlier reach greater heights with a language switch, and now we’re surrounded by strings and yet another unexpectedly original progression musically.

Far from a pop-contender with a formula to writing, Seriel crafts from a place of meaning, so the songs on Reverie each follow their own creative pathways. The result is a commitment to the moment, and a consistent sense of free-styling alongside that.

At over six minutes in length, Silencio is an epic tale, blending languages and moments, rising up towards optimism as it nears its finish. J.R.P Seriel continues to raise the bar for identity and individuality in music.

During the project’s latter half we get an image of the producer, the high-energy side of the artist, with an infectiously simple and upbeat, pop-kissed yet still beautifully ambient Alive. Heavy bass contrasts the euphoric layers of synth, and Seriel’s voice loses itself within the arrangement to a hypnotic degree. A personal favourite.

Aurora follows, and now we know the sound, we know the voice, but suddenly there’s drama to the beat, a simplicity to the rising melody, and a certain anthem-like weight to the whole thing. The song brings the album to a mighty finish, again blending cultures for an intriguing last grasp at creative purity and original roots.

Download or stream Reverie here. Check out J.R.P Seriel on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Loved this article- you really captured the artist and his expression. Thank You- for really listening and “seeing” him through his art

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