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Ivey Through The Keyhole


Fresh from the brand new album Take This To Heart, Ivey’s Through The Keyhole offers up a song and video with an immediately positive and uplifting vibe about them.

Bringing back the lightness and energy of punk pop, alongside thoughtful songwriting and long-form melodic development, the song feels enjoyably nostalgic but also introduces a fresh voice and a new approach to lyricism. At the same time, it seemingly walks the link between soft-rock and punk-pop, occasionally feeling a little more indie and almost grunge-like in the way this leading voice pours through.

There’s a detailed story at work throughout the song, plenty of openness and reflective ideas emerge, in contrast with that though is the fact that the song is decidedly upbeat sounding. The opening moments fill the room with optimism, and the accompanying video works further in favour of this – the scenes portrayed showcase a love for performance, a sunny day, a colourful set-up and a generally hopeful, at-peace kind of vibe. The further you listen to the song though, there’s a definite level of depth to these lyrics, and they quickly become the track’s greatest selling point. Despite the density, you want to hear it all – there’s poetry and personality intertwined, and all of this helps make Through The Keyhole a pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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