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Ishmael All That


Smooth jazz vibes meet with a contemporary clarity and colour that paves the way beautifully for the laid-back summer anthem that is All That.

Blending elements of organic sax with a simple synth riff and a mild trap beat for the intro, Ishmael’s latest single soon goes on to evolve into a classic rap rhythm and flow that’s equally uplifting and optimistic. The opening moments lay bare a hypnotic hook, weaving short lines and quirky images around you in a calm, collected tone.

Even with all of its subtleties, All That oozes self-assurance and self-belief, yet it also feels incredibly inclusive on top of that. Ishmael takes the lead with natural ability – a mellow tone and a likable groove unite as he invites you to talk about it and be about it.

The whole set-up is a winner, the sort of track that would draw a worthy crowd during a day-time festival set – music fans embracing the moment and putting their faith in an artist with a clearly humble approach to performance.

Really well produced, with just enough realness and clarity to let the live aspect shine brightly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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