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Isaiah Steward Ride For You


Isaiah Steward pours his heart out on this latest release, riding the beat like a wave, showcasing freely meandering vocals and loving lyrics. Ride For You is a smooth and impressive new single, from an artist far from unafraid to express himself honestly.

Isaiah’s vocals on this track fall into the softly soulful side of things – fusing a hint of soul with a mellow RnB aura, his silky voice weaves its way through the dedication and loyalty at the heart of the song, working as hard as the words to seduce and embrace the significant other in question. This effect, in turn, works in a similar way for the listener.

While there’s a certain simplicity to the set-up, Isaiah makes the most out of the moment with a performance that sounds authentic – there’s a genuine lightness in the tone, a sense of love and appreciation in the way he handles the melody; he controls the tune, not the other way around. Flashy effects and multiple instrumental layers are not needed – Isaiah’s natural confidence and skill result in an expressive delivery that more than carries the underlying sentiments through in a believable and open way. He presents the whole thing with rightful emotion, and thanks to a minimalist yet professionally crafted ambiance, this is all that’s needed to let the song connect and leave its mark.

In a world full of volume and unnecessary quirks designed to grab attention, songwriting and smooth, pure performances such as this have the ability to stand out and make a difference thanks to their realness and the clear talent at their core. Ride For You is a humble and beautiful release, a moment well captured. Things are heading in a strong direction. Hopefully there’s plenty more music on the way from Isaiah Steward.

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