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Inward Of Eden Mind Control


The Mind Control EP by Tennessee alt-rock band Inward Of Eden has somehow managed to beautifully fuse the soulful riffs and melodies of blues rock with the unique lyricism, high energy, and raw, raging vocals of classic rock anthems from way back when. Slow Burn kicks things into life, this high powered, slick and intense piece of blues rock, complete with every bit of energy required to get you turning the volume right up. The song offers the perfect meeting of the smooth and the distorted, the stylish and the carefree, all presented with impeccable energy and skill.

Devil is no exception to the rule, though even by track two the creative drive of the songwriters in the band is clear and ever captivating in its output. This particular song has a fully anthemic indie rock sound to it. The recording captures the hypnotic melody beautifully, the imagery featured within the storytelling stands tall throughout, and those guitars and those drums are just insane – sleek and satisfying yet still somehow appealing to the inner teen that craves music free from expectation or rules. Inward Of Eden have that alternative edge down to a tee, yet never at the cost of memorable melodies or compelling riffs.

The lead singer from the band has the sort of voice that delivers these ideas and these melodies with absolute precision and power. However, as is often the case, the voice would most probably have less of an impact without the support of such a passionate and accomplished musician collective surrounding it, not to mention the sort of songwriting you only need to hear once for it to leave its imprint in your mind.

The title track from the EP has an intensely hypnotic and heavy ambiance to it, the melody verges on being the sort of unpredictable hit that rules the airwaves for months at a time. Following this, the project’s final track Ghost Of Amelie leaves its hook lingering in your mind even as the extensive guitar solo continues to pour its very soul out over you.

The Mind Control EP feels like something much more epic than a four song collection would usually allow. As the final song comes to an end there’s likely to be a pining for something more; a bonus track, a second half. However, it’s far better to leave your audience waiting among a blissful discovery than to throw out songs that don’t quite strike as hard, just to fill up the numbers.

The four tracks chosen for this EP work like a dream. The nostalgia of classic, heavy yet melodic rock music from yesteryear has finally arrived in the form of something fresh and well crafted and loaded with genuine passion. You can turn the volume up high for the whole thing, the finish is crisp and thick and the songs will swiftly find their way into your long term memory whether you intend for them to or not. Fortunately, it’s a pleasure to be left moving to these tunes.

The band have an awesome sound, and some stunning songwriting skills to top it off. A brilliant leading voice provides the hooks for listeners to attach themselves to, and an equally brilliant display of musicianship fills every possible void with the strength and beauty of instrumental mastery. A tight-nit band with a hell of a lot of passion, energy, and some incredible riffs and melodies. Well worth a listen.

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